LFS’ proven process is known as the L.E.A.P. MethodologyTM. It includes specific milestones that enable us to Listen, Evolve, Amplify, and ultimately Prove the strategies we recommend, achieving your organization’s goals and ensuring your project’s success.


This iterative approach adds structure to executing tasks by creating clear lines of communications throughout each stage of the process — from start to finish. It produces a clear understanding of the tasks performed, which in turn ensures better quality control and communications consistency. The L.E.A.P. MethodologyTM also increases efficiencies and enables improvement throughout the project life cycle.



From where we sit, it’s simple: Strategy and execution must be inseparable. One without the other doesn’t get your organization where it needs to be to make your message seen, heard, felt, and matter.


Our comprehensive strategy services include evidence-based research that enables you to visualize pathways to success throughout the customer journey. These insights enable us to produce frameworks to guide the development of internal and external communications efforts to achieve your mission goals and marketing objectives with confidence.


Our data-driven execution services help put your marketing communications plan and brand strategy to work. As the engine that drives our marketing machine, we integrate data metrics across the communications life cycle. This ensures that ongoing refinements occur at every audience touch point to address shifting audience attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors.

We believe that research drives strategy. To that end, LFS offers a multidimensional suite of research and analysis methods that enable us to listen to your unique challenges and gain critical insight into audience preferences, wants, and needs. Our scalable services include:

  • Environmental scans and communications audits to understand the current landscape
  • Visioning exercises to project what needs to occur for your organization to achieve its goal
  • Benchmarking and tracking studies to measure audience perceptions over time
  • Interviews, focus groups, and facilitated workshops to generate qualitative research data
  • Surveys to produce quantitative research data for segmentation and propensity modeling
  • Secondary research to analyze existing data sources

Strategy is the groundwork of everything we do. With research at the foundation, LFS formulates strategy-based solutions to navigate communications challenges. We position clients to engage audiences and drive behaviors. Our approach to framing each organization’s strategy includes:

  • Performing data analysis and assessing research conducted to incorporate industry best practices
  • Leading breakthrough ideation sessions that include lateral thinking and agile roadmap techniques
  • Building brand architectures that define the relationships of organizational entities
  • Developing message frameworks to articulate differentiators and value propositions
  • Creating strategic plans focusing on crisis and change communications, advertising, media placement, creative, social media, digital, and project management

Presentation is everything. At LFS, we make sure yours is unforgettable. Our team produces visually appealing and powerful designs that bring your vision to life. No matter how you want to deliver your message, we know what to say and how to reach your audience — bringing about the change your organization needs. Our versatile solutions include:

  • Market research and data analysis
  • Strategy, planning, and messaging architecture
  • Creative and digital services
  • Content creation and development
  • Market launch and execution
  • Performance measurement and improvement
  • Program management

Completing our services are the essential tracking mechanisms required to gather robust and detailed metrics. These metrics enable the continuous adjustments of marketing spending and messaging, as well as overall campaign effectiveness and efficiency as we:

  • Measure customer behavior change
  • Assess short-term performance through agreed-upon key performance indicators
  • Utilize visualization software (e.g., Google Analytics, Tableau) to create dashboards and robust reports for actionable, data-driven insights, and media optimizations