20 Years of Service and Still Going Strong

20 Years of Service and Still Going Strong

Twenty years in business is no small feat. Just ask Lisa Martin, founder of LeapFrog Solutions, Inc. (LFS), a woman-owned small business in Fairfax, Virginia. Through hard work and dedication, Lisa grew LFS from a three-person team operating out of the basement of her home to an evolving staff of more than 30 professionals covering a wide range of backgrounds and capabilities. What Lisa intended to be a two-year project has become one of Northern Virginia’s most successful marketing firms.

Success | noun | suc•cess: The fact of getting and achieving wealth, respect, or fame. The correct or desired result of an attempt.

In the marketing world, we’re all about metrics. So how do you measure success? Is it the number of contracts you’ve won? What about the number of staff members? Annual revenue at the end of the year? (It’s not all about money, is it?)

To Lisa, success is knowing that she and her colleagues produce good, honest work that makes LFS’s clients happy and satisfied. It’s also being able to provide for her employees. She goes to “the Pond” every day with the well-being of her fellow “froggies” in mind. This is what’s driven her over the years to step out of her comfort zone, push boundaries, and grow LFS into the firm it is today.

Grow | verb | ˈgrō: To become large: to increase gradually in size, amount, etc.

For Lisa and LFS, growth has taken on many forms. At first, it was moving out of her basement and into an official office on Main Street. Then it was two additional office moves to accommodate an expanding staff and capabilities, and a notably growing list of clients. And this growth hasn’t gone unnoticed: for the past eight years, Inc. magazine has recognized LFS in its annual ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

Service | noun | ser·vice: The work performed by one that serves.

In addition to the impressive work LFS produces for its clients, earning the firm multiple awards and recognition, LFS is committed to serving the community that supports it. Last year, Lisa and her staff committed over 200 hours and countless resources to just that. Through partnerships with Life with Cancer, the American Red Cross, and most recently Communities in Schools of Northern Virginia, each staff member gets a chance to give back to others.

This fall, after the sand is vacuumed from the car and beach shirts hung up for the year, LFS plans to host a gathering of clients, friends, and family to celebrate its 20-year milestone anniversary. Details will follow, but there’s even talk of a custom LFS game. You won’t want to miss it!