“Take a Patriot to Work Day”

Twice a year we participate in George Mason University’s, “Take a Patriot to Work Day,” a local job shadowing program for undergrad students. On Friday, November 4th, we were lucky enough to have two students from George Mason visit the pond. They spent most of the day with us learning about our company, participating in meetings, and providing feedback on our website (which is currently being redesigned). Here’s a glimpse of their day at LeapFrog Solutions, Inc. (LFS):

The Job Shadow Program at LFS was an amazing experience and opportunity for me. It has helped me better understand the world of marketing and design while enabling me to ask questions I had about entering this industry. More importantly, my job shadow experience made me feel like a valued member of the LFS team, even if just for a day.

As with many other professions, there are countless specialties to focus on in the field of marketing. As a senior at George Mason University, graduation was approaching, but I still wasn’t sure which area of the profession I wanted to work within. For two years, I had been building experience in the digital marketing realm, but hadn’t been a part of the creative side of marketing, such as graphic design. Therefore, I thought that job shadowing might be a great opportunity—and it was!

During my job shadow experience, I had the amazing opportunity to sit in on a meeting to discuss recent technological innovations and their implications for businesses and individuals alike. I participated in the meeting and was truly inspired by the idea that creative meetings can be beneficial for all employees in an organization, without having to talk specifically about client projects.

The entire LFS staff was very inviting and included me in on the discussion and asked for my opinion on specific issues and revisions, especially with their website. Feeling like I had input at the table was very valuable and rewarding and is something that I wish other students are able to experience before graduation. Because of my job shadow experience, I have a positive outlook on my future profession and a better understanding of the creative side to it.

Marissa Andrick
Senior, George Mason University

My experience at LFS was very informative and beneficial to me as someone who is thinking about a career in the field of graphic design. Starting with the ideation meeting, I not only observed but also was engaged in the meeting. I, along with another fellow Patriot shadowing, was able to provide input as well. As I took a tour around the offices, I was able to see what a typical day is like for many different fields in a small company for advertising and marketing, including art directors, project managers, business development, and many others. Everyone was very welcoming and were more than happy to share their experiences and give useful advice for a young job seeker like me. The environment of a small company was very attractive to me, where everyone knows each other and get along very well.

I learned so much from my one day at LFS about every aspect of a small company and how everyone works separately but also works together. My favorite aspect, as someone who is interested in art and visual technology, found the creative overview, website activity, and talking with the art and creative directors Sophocles and Tom the best part of the day. I learned about the ideation process by seeing a project from the beginning to its current state. I also learned how to further improve communications both internally and externally at LFS by assessing the current company website. The company truly cares about their clients and do whatever they can to “Make your Message Matter,” and I admire that. Overall, my experience at LFS was very fun, engaging, and informational! I am thankful for this opportunity and will definitely keep in touch!

Katelynn Hipolito
Sophomore, George Mason University